Klaar om te investeren in jouw salon?

Breid je carrière uit als hairextensions specialist! De trainingen worden gegeven door Lincey, de eigenares van Toploxx Hairextensions die al meer dan 15 jaar actief in de hairextensions sector.
Deze intensieve trainingen van 1 tot 2 dagen worden gegeven in groepen van 2 personen of 1 op 1 privétraining voor zowel beginners als gevorderden.

Na het volgen van deze training zal je een volwaardige set keratine hairextensions kunnen plaatsen! Je kan meteen de volgende dag de behandelingen aanbieden aan jouw klanten.


Expand your career as a hair extension specialist! The training courses are given by Lincey, the owner of Toploxx Hairextensions, who has been active in the hair extensions sector for years. These intensive training sessions of 1 to 2 days are given in groups of 2 people or 1 on 1 private training. For both beginners and advanced users.

After following this training you will be able to place a full set of keratin hair extensions! You can immediately offer the treatments to your customers the next day.


Hi, I'm Lincey!

I have been a hair extension stylist since 2009. Some may already know me as the face of Prohair extensions . I have been running this business for more than 15 years with an incredible amount of passion and love for the profession.

After being active in the hair extensions sector for years, I came into contact with various brands. With Toploxx I have found the perfect hair extensions and I would now like to share this with the rest of the hairdressing world.

I look forward to working with professionals who strive to deliver the best hair extensions to their clients.


Do I have to be a hairdresser to take the course?

Our courses are exclusively for hairdressers or if you have sufficient hairdressing experience. This is so that we can fully focus on placing the hair extensions during the course

Do I need a VAT number to take the course?

You can also purchase the course as is, but you will not reclaim VAT.

I already have all the material to get started, will I still get this as a bonus?

All our bonuses are FREE and included as an extra bonus in the Silver and Gold Academy, so you also get to know our materials.

Who provides the training?

The Academy is given by Lincey, the owner of Prohairextensions and Toploxx Hairextensions, who has been active in the hair extensions sector for years. Would you like to know more about Lincey? Then click here .

What is the difference between Bronze and the Silver Academy?

The Bronze Academy is a one-day course and serves as a refresher course and/or specialization course.
The Silver Academy is a two-day Academy for hairdressers who have no experience with placing keratin hair extensions or hairdressers with experience in placing keratin hair extensions but who want extra time to refresh their experience.

What does the starter kit contain? Do you also get this at the Bronze Academy?

The starter kit provides you with all the materials you need to start placing keratin hair extensions, so you can get started immediately after the course. You do not get this bonus at the Bronze Academy. (1 day course)

How many of us are following the training at the same time?

Maximum 2 students at a time. This way everyone is assisted very accurately!

I have paid the advance, how will further invoicing proceed?

You will receive the invoice for the remaining amount 1 month in advance and payment must be made at least 14 days in advance of the course.

Do I provide a model myself?

You bring your own model to the course.

Should my model have short or long hair and what hair color?

We recommend looking for a model with medium length hair without red, copper or fantasy shades as hair color.

Are the hair extensions placed during the course included?

You will receive all hair extensions for FREE. Both for the practice head and the model. We advise you to charge the hair extensions to the model at a promotional price, so you can quickly recoup a large part of your investment.

Do I get the theory book to take home?

At the Silver and Gold Academy you will take this valuable theory book home with you.

Do I provide my own lunch?

Lunch will be provided for you during the course.

Klaar om jouw salon naar een hoger niveau te tillen?

Als hairextensionspecialist heb je de mogelijkheid om niet alleen in een product te investeren, maar ook jouw salon naar een hoger niveau tillen. Ben je hier klaar voor? Neem vrijblijvend contact met ons op of ontdek ons trainingsaanbod om een hairextensionspecialist te worden

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